Ready – Mix Concrete

Ready-Mix Concrete

Mixed by experts

We deliver concrete solutions for commercial or residential projects time and again — our concrete products are as diverse as the requests we receive on a regular basis. Our batch plants have been active in the ready-mix business since 1966 and are the largest batch plant in Curaçao. And to top it all off, we also have a modern fleet of trucks at our disposal.

We have 2 fully automated concrete plants located at Brievengat and Malpais, with a combined production capacity of approximately 120 m3 per hour.

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Standard or special concrete mixes for your small or big building projects.

Pump Truck

Pour your concrete farther away, at a greater height, or desired amount over multiple locations. Easy, Fast & Efficient!

Extension Chute

No need for a pump truck but still pour concrete up to 10 meters length.

Small Pump

In case the situation does not allow a big pump, a small pump might be the solution for you. For more information or to reserve contact us at 4338533

Choosing your concrete

We have standard concrete mixes for all your building projects:
  • C4/5 Vulbeton Standaard B5 (fl. 297.68)
  • C8/10 Standaard B10 (Fl. 321.91)
  • C12/15 Standaard B15 (Fl. 338.28)
  • C16/20 Standaard B20 (Fl. 349.49)
  • C16/20 Spuitbeton B20 (Fl. 369.34)
  • C20/25 Standaard B25 (Fl. 358.31)
  • C20/25 Spuitbeton B25 (Fl. 380.37)
  • C28/35 Standaard B35 (Fl. 367.13)
  • C28/35 Spuitbeton B35 (Fl. 385.88)

* C stands for concrete.
* The first number stands for the characteristic cylinder strength.
* The second number stands for the characteristic cube compressive strength.
* Prices exc. OB.

In addition to our standard recipes, other mix recipes can be developed, produced, and delivered upon request.

Special concrete solutions
  • Shoot-crete: mostly used for swimming pools
  • Blast furnace cement concrete: mostly used for buildings by the sea (salt water)
  • Hydro-crete: only used for under water structures.
  • Foamed concrete: mostly used for roof and wall isolations.
  • Concrete with fibers: mostly used for floors
  • Concrete with Helix mixes (micro rebar): mostly used for floors, walls.

Our products are fully tested daily in our state-of-the-art laboratory and in accordance with ISO regulations. In doing so, we continuously provide our clients with the highest quality of concrete products around.

Laboratory Tests / Constant controlled production tests on:


Mortar Temperature

Water/cement factor

Cubic pressure strength

Our fully equipped laboratory guarantees a constant controlled production process


Rather than just selling concrete products, BIB delivers concrete solutions for all its clients; for commercial or residential purposes.

BIB’s concrete products are as divers as the clients’ demands. The BIB batch plants have been active in the ready-mix business since 1966 and is the largest batch plant on Curacao. BIB has a modern fleet of trucks at its disposal.

Betonindustrie Brievengat has 2 fully automated concrete plants located at Brievengat and Malpais, combined their production capacity is approximately 120m3 per hour.