Mixed colors


(Terra cota/yellow)

(Black/ White)

(Terra cota/red/yellow)


(Black/Grey/Terra cota)

Versatile and unique

There are many possibilities for combining and using BIB pavers, pavers give a special touch to roads, squares, yards, patios, ponds and Swimming pools. They are durable and easy to lay. Pavers are available in different colors and shapes; and enable various decorative uses.

Special Request
In a special version (10 cm thick) the bricks are also suitable for paving heavy-traffic areas such as quaysides and terminals.

Why Seal your pavers

Due to harsh weather conditions such as rain and harmful UV rays, it becomes necessary to protect exterior surfaces. The same goes for landscape pavers. Simply put, pavers will last longer and retain more of their original beauty if they are sealed and maintained on a regular basis.


Fun Fact: In 1909 the first cement road was made, before that pavers were used for hardened roads.

Why choose pavers
Enhancement of property value
Low maintenance
Easy access to underground repairs
Versatile in color and style