Enjoy your surroundings!

Our pavers give your surroundings a look that is a treat for the eyes, whether it be roads, squares, yards, patios, ponds, or swimming pools. They are durable, easy to lay, and are available in different colors and shapes. This makes them perfect for giving your surroundings a sophisticated touch.

Why seal your pavers?

Harsh weather conditions like rain and harmful UV rays can wreak havoc on exterior surfaces. So it goes without saying that they need protection. Landscape pavers are no exception and that is why they have to be sealed. 

Fun Fact: The first cement road was made in 1909, pavers had previously only been used for hardened roads.

Available solid colors:

  • Gray
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Terra cotta

Available mixed colors:

  • Sunset (Terra cota / Yellow)
  • Marble (Black / White)
  • Medi (Terra cota / Red / Yellow)
  • Habana (Black / Red)
  • Rustic (Black / White / Terra cota)


The rectangular concrete paver is versatile and popular, which can be laid in many different patterns. It is very suitable for roads, footpaths, driveways and of course gardens. This paver is available in 6, 8 and 10 cm height.


The Rustic paver gives a modern look and feel to any porch or garden. A very diverse yet simple paver, with endless pattern possibilities.

Sidewalk Tile

The Sidewalk Tile is commonly used for sidewalks & a lot more. The possibilities are endless.


The hexagonal paver is often used for decorative paving of public and private gardens. Because of its shape, it creates a tranquil and deluxe impression. Available in 6 and 8 cm height.


The 4-in-1 paver uses a unique technique of different sizes of pavers placed in a specific order creating a grander pattern. Comes in a set of 1 m2.

Waal formaat

The waal formaat paver is a classic looking paver that is versatile in pattern possibilities, a traditional look that will never go out of style.


Due to its special shape, the Unidecor concrete brick is a striking brick, which can be laid in different patterns. This brick is very suitable for decorative paving and gardens.

*Available on demand only