World Clean up Day / JAJO Clean Up Day 2019

World Clean up Day / JAJO Clean Up Day 2019

Curacao Zoo was always a wonderfull place to vistite when we were kids. it’s a pitty to see how abandoned the Zoo looks now a day’s. That’s why we from BIB, CWM and MMC took the initiative to  give a helping hand to Curacao Zoo and clean and organized a lot of ground form them to build a happy and animal friendly environment and home for all the animals how live their and a lot more to come to Curacao in the Future.

What to give a helping hand? you can donated a small amount each month to Curacao Zoo helping them to realize the future plans faster so our kids can have as much fun an d create happy memories jsut like we did.

vitite : ofr visite their facebook page: @Curacao Zoo or @ Friends of the Curacao Zoo – FOCZ