MMC Opendag Great Success

MMC Opendag Great Success

Opendag at Mijnmaatschappij was a great success.
Over 6000 people visited us these 2 day’s and around 4000 people got a chance to see the natural beauty behind the gates of New Port.
We want to thank every one for making these 2 day’s unforgettable.

A special thanks to:
BIB, MMC and A&MCC Crew, A Special Day, Radio Hoyer, Radio Active, Mc Monti, Irie Tours, Adventure tours, Marine, Funstacle masters, Coca Cola, Kortijn Ijs, MEO, Antillean Soap Company, Glacial, Plastico & Danella, Curaloe, Softex, Antilliaanse Verf Fabrief, Montana Beer, Dj. R 01, Funmiles, Rode kruis.


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