Quality Managment

Betonindustrie Brievengat has a state of the art laboratory and is responsible for quality control of materials, for product freshness and the finished product. This pertains to the first inspection of the delivered aggregate, cement and the super plasticizers. This is done before proceeding to the manufacture of concrete mix and/ or the manufacture of concrete products.

After the concrete mix has been produced, it is checked for the desired process-ability and at the same time the temperature of the concrete is measured. The hardened product (concrete) is checked for desired density and concrete compressive strength after 28 days hardening. Both the production and inspection methods are according to the European standard NEN-EN 206-1 and the Dutch NEN 8005. BIB can also deliver special mix designs for special projects.

Angelo Bonevacia

Quality standards rooted in our corporate culture


ISO_9001_NL_bib_curacaoBy obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate
BIB has added new quality standards to its corporate culture. This is designed to manage the business structurally better and to evaluate and improve the performance continuously. Every BIB employee
must perform scrupulously according to these standards based on
ISO guidelines. This will ultimately always serve to benefit customers.