BIB celebrates Employee of the Quarter!


Say hello to our Employees of the Quarter! 

Last Friday we celebrated our employee of the quarter. Due to our local COVID-19 lockdown, this was our first event in 2020 and so we celebrated two outstanding employees!

Say hello to our employees of quarters 1 and 2 of 2020:

  • Eligio Presentacion, Employee of Quarter 1, a positive colleague that takes initiative and makes sure the job is done!
  • Sherman de Windt, Employee of Quarter 2, always making sure the customers get what they need!
We also took the time to celebrated our colleague Julecin’s 12.5 anniversary with us. Cheers to many more!

We want to thank Eligio, Sherman and Julecin for being a part of the BIB family and helping us to be “always one step ahead”.