Concrete Solutions

The production of high quality concrete products requires specific knowledge of the circumstances in which they are ultimately used. This is certainly the case in this region, where an aggressive sea climate and almost constant sunshine create very demanding circumstances for concrete.

Rather than just selling concrete products, BIB delivers concrete solutions for all its clients; for commercial or residential purposes. BIB’s concrete products are as divers as the clients’ demands. The BIB batch plants have been active in the ready-mix business since 1966 and is the largest batch plant on Curacao. The fully automated plant has a capacity of 95 m3 per hour and is capable of delivering up till 500 m3 per day effortlessly. BIB has a modern fleet of trucks at its disposal.

Betonindustrie Brievengat has 2 fully automated concrete plants located at industrie terrein Brievengat and Malpais, combined their production capacity is approximately 120m3 per hour.

For all your building projects we have standard concrete mixes:

  • C8/10: mostly used for non-constructive purposes such as patio floors and walkways with no compression stress.
  • C12/15: mostly used for decorative floors and driveways.
  • C16/20: mostly used in columns and light foundations.
  • C20/25: mostly used for heavy floors and foundation slabs.
  • C28/35: mostly used for high strength concrete constructions.

* C stands for concrete.
* The first number stands for the characteristic cylinder strength.
* The second number stands for the characteristic cube compressive strength.


Custom concrete solutions are also available

Specialty concrete:
Shoot-crete: mostly used for swimming pools
Blast furnace cement concrete: mostly used fo buildings by the sea (salt water)
Underwater concrete: only used for under water structures.

Our products are fully tested daily according to the ISO regulations in our state of the art laboratory to provide our clients with the best quality concrete products.

Fun Fact: The oldest piece of concrete on record is 12 million years old. Discovered in Israel in the 1960s, it’s a natural deposit created by oil shale combusting near limestone.

Fun Fact: Thomas Edison experimented with precast concrete houses. Even furniture!