Building blocks

BIB concrete building blocks exceed industry standards for performance and are built under strict quality control of consistency in size and strength. A variety of sizes in solid and hollow blocks allow for maximum flexibility of design.


Differances between Solid and Hollow blocks:

Hollow blocks are well known for their light weight and are exellent for isolation purposes.
These blocks can be used for building garages, sheds or retaining walls.

Solid blocks are well known for their strength. We have 3 sizes to offer:
4” Block  is mainly used for building inside walls.
6” Block  is mainly used for building houses.
8” Block is mainly used for foundation and heavy constructions.

concrete block Massive








Concrete Block hollow


Column Block and U Block

Instead of using forms to build column’s or bond beams we offer you 6” Column blocks and 6” U blocks.

Benefits of these 2 blocks are:

  • No more form rental fees
  • Less labor cost
  • Uses less concrete
  • No need to prepare for plastering
  • Continuance construction

Column Block

Kolom Blok

U block

U blok